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cancer survivor and blogger Brad Thiessen

About Brad Thiessen

I'm a three-time cancer survivor: 2 brain tumors, in 2001 and 2015, with a testicular in 2008 thrown in.


I came out of the 2015 treatment profoundly exhausted both physically and emotionally. Not to mention the added challenge of dealing with cognitive issues caused by the treatment.

The Curious Survivor shares some of the questions that have come up for me along the way.

If you are a cancer survivor struggling to make sense of life, it is written for you.


If you have a survivor in your life, it may help you empathize with their struggle.

If you have not experienced cancer, the Curious Survivor may shed at least a little light on some of the big life questions and challenges that are common to us all.

Please sign up below for article updates, respond to articles in the comment section below each one, and tell a friend or  a cancer survivor/patient you know.

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