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Cancer Survivor's Resilience Mindset

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There is a way forward after cancer! For so many of us who have been hit by cancer and come out the other side, getting back into life hasn't been easy. Cancer has changed us, and we can't seem to find our way back into our old life. We see and feel it in the scars and the wounds cancer and treatment have left, and the difficult memories and the ongoing challenges. And most of all, there's that fear of recurrence that just won't go away. The Cancer Survivor's Resilience Mindset is a nine-step course (with 11 chapters in total). It moves you toward a place of inner strength and resilience, so you can build a new life filled with meaning, hope and maybe even a little joy. The National Cancer Institute defines cancer survivorship as starting immediately at diagnosis. This book can help you prepare for life after treatment from Day One. It's research-based. Therapist-approved. And presented by author, speaker, certified resilience coach and three-time cancer survivor Brad Thiessen. This could be your first step to building a new, more resilient life. There are 11 sections to the course. Each section starts with a short content video. This leads to reflection questions, links to short videos of stories or concepts related to the topic, and a set of optional journaling prompts. The power comes when the user engages with each topic and applies it to their life. There is no time structure; the user can go at their own pace and move between sections as they please.

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