Why the Curious Survivor?

Updated: Sep 30

The cancer experience can bring up some of the big life questions we've all asked or will ask at some point in our lives.

My goal as the Curious Survivor is to poke at some of the questions that have come up during my walk with cancer. Especially the ones I’ve faced since the latest (third) round of treatment in 2015-16.

I’ve had three blogs in the past 5 years.

The first was an update for family and friends of my treatments during my 2015 cancer treatment.

The second, called Proof of Life, shared my challenge of finding meaning and hope -- personal reflections with no thought to how they might relate to you, the reader.

At some point I realized sharing my experiences isn't enough.

(You can learn more about my cancer journey on the About Page.)

If I am going to write (and publish) my thoughts, they need to be written in a way that will connect with you as a reader and address issues most of us face.


If you have had cancer, or are in treatment, this blog is written for you.

If you have not had cancer, the posts may help you empathize with cancer survivors you know and love. They might also bring up some of the big life questions we've all asked or will ask at some point in our lives.

In that sense, this blog is written at all of us -- everyone who wonders. About life, meaning, goals and just making it through the day.

If you have thoughts or responses to an article, please post them below that article so we can start a discussion.

Because discussions are SO much richer than just hearing one voice.


Oh and one more thing... If you know someone who might appreciate these posts -- especially a cancer survivor -- please share this site with them. Thanks.

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The Curious Survivor

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