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Frequently asked questions

Is the Cancer Survivor Hub run by an organization?

Yes. The Cancer Survivor Hub is an outreach of OutLive, at 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps cancer survivors build healthy and meaning-filled lives by getting active outdoors and connected to others.

Why do I need to be a member?

The Cancer Survivor Hub is about more than information. It's about relationship and mutual support, so we need to do our best to guard our relationships from spammers, trolls and hurtful comments.

Do you moderate forum conversations?

Yes. If we sense a conversation is steering in a direction that may be hurtful or go against the site's core values, we may step in with gentle encouragement to change course.

Will you ever remove a post?

Occasionally. We will delete a post If we consider it to not fall within the bounds of helpful relationship. This includes: - spam - promotion of specific products, providers or "miracle cures" - hurtful comments or "trolling." All admin decisions are final.

What is the background of the Cancer Community Hub?

When founder Brad Thiessen came out of his first round of cancer treatment, he was surprised that instead of a newfound sense of joy and purpose, he was hit by a wave of fear and challenges with no resources to deal with them. He later found out this is a common experience for survivors. This site is intended as a partial solution for that problem.